Taking Earth Day Initiatives with Energy Efficient Lighting

April 22, 2020

Earth Day is part of a project meant to create awareness about the importance of living green for the future of our planet, and inspire people to take action. You can reduce your carbon footprint by installing energy efficient lighting in your home.

Energy efficient lighting for a brighter future

Energy efficient lighting is often touted for the benefits it provides homeowners directly. These benefits include reduced electricity bills, reduced HVAC usage (energy efficient lights emit less heat), and outperform traditional lighting.

However, efficient lights come with indirect benefits as well. Reduced energy consumption is better for the environment, and efficient lighting helps reduce light pollution as well. Greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced for each home that makes the switch to efficiency. So not only does it benefit you and your home, but it also helps preserve the environment.

Going beyond the lights

If you’d like to make more of a positive impact with your home, make sure your wiring is running efficiently. It’s a good idea to have your wiring checked out if you have an older home for safety reasons, but fixing faulty or poorly-performing wiring also helps you get the maximum efficiency out of your lights, appliances, etc.

There are even environmentally-friendly options for generators. Natural gas and propane generators are both great replacements for diesel generators. Natural gas and propane burn significantly cleaner than other gasoline-powered generator options.

Power consumption is one of the greatest challenges for reducing our carbon footprint. By taking green initiatives in your home with energy efficient lighting, you are helping to preserve the Earth for future generations. And, of course, a cheaper energy bill doesn’t hurt!

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